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From the December 28, 2001 edition of the KSC Daily News, a newsletter sent via E-mail to NASA and contractor personnel at the Kennedy Space Center:


        The flags of the United States will fly at half staff at the Kennedy Space Center on Saturday, December 29, 2001, in honor of Lenny E. Bradt, a Technician with Boeing. Mr. Bradt died on December 20th and his funeral is Saturday, December 29th."

News from Don Barker on the appreciation the family of Lenny Bradt has had for your messages:

"Darlene has already read several of the messages and was very touched."



What took you so long! That's what Leonard -- that's what I always called him when we were growing up together -- is saying right now. The answer is I don't know. I guess I'm a just a big chicken who didn't want to face the pain of writing this.

Oh yeah, I'm Bruce Culver. I was Lenny's best friend when we were kids. Although I didn't see him very often after he joined the airforce, we did keep in touch. I still can't believe I won't see him again in this life.

He was just three years old, and I five, when we first met. I can even remember that he spoke a little -- I don't know what to call it -- a joke? Anyway it went like this, and you've got to imagine it with a the lisp Lenny had as a child.

Oh well, that' life!
What's life?
A magazine.
How much does it cost?
Fifteen cents. (Boy, that dates us)
I've only got a nickle.
Oh well, that' life, etc., etc., etc.

I think I always underestimated Lenny's intelligence as a kid because he couldn't spell to save his life. I began to appreciate how bright he was though when we started playing guitar together. I learned a lot of "riffs" from him, and he had a way with words that I would never have imagined he had when it came to writing lyrics for songs. I realised at one point that though I was more intellectual, I had nothing on Lenny for smartness.

Quite to the contrary, I was always lost in my thoughts, but not Lenny. He always knew what was going on and what needed to be done. Sometimes even he didn't understand how he knew what he knew. He told me that as a radar techincian in the airforce he always knew how to fix the equipment eventhough sometimes he really didn't know why.

Anyway, I'm glad he found a career where his talents were useful and appreciated --as I can see they were.

As has been noted by others here, Lenny had a mean streak, but though it was a mile long it really was only an inch deep, and you couldn't ask for a bette r friend. Sure, he was always ready with the ball-busting comments -- which were often painfully right-on -- but again, as other have noted, he was also always there to give you helping hand.

I have so many memories of playing baseball, football, tennis and other sports with Lenny as a kid and snowball and crab apple fights. He always beat me at everything. The whole Bradt clan are very athletic. I remember Lenny having to drag me out of the house in the winter because I always got snow in my boots and hated it. When we got a little older we listened to a lot of music together: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young, Lenny's fave, among others. Later we began to make music together. Anyway, as I began to write there but got lost, I have so many great memories of all the fun times with Lenny that I couldn't even begin to tell about them all.

Thanks to the Prevatte's for setting up this page. I hope it's not too late to get this posted.

My condolences to all of you who knew and loved Lenny, especially to his beloved wife Darlene. Ma Bradt and all his family.

I love you Lenny. You are not just my friend, you are my brother. You will be missed, but as Andy wrote, you live on in our hearts. See you when I get there.

         -- Bruce Culver

a note from a friend

I've visited this site a couple of times now and am always overwhelmed by the spirit conveyed in the words and memories left here. For someone who knew Leonard (as we called him) in my teenage years and only spoke with him sporadically since he left his hometown of Niskayuna, NY, this site has been an incredible way to "get to know" Leonard in a whole new way -- as an adult. It is truly humbling to read about the man he became, with his passionate interests, his ability to be a friend and the many, many ways he touched those around him. It puts into sharp perspective how short our life journey is, given that my most vivid memories of Leonard are meeting him at the elementary school swings, as it was a convenient meeting point between our two houses. Or driving with him to the movies in his father's old car -- and him using his gloved hand out the open window to "defrost" the windshield.

I will always remember Leonard's kindness toward our family, his determination to do something with his life and his way of just being himself -- no matter what anyone thought. I want to express my deepest sympathy toward Darlene and all the friends he made in his adult life. Thank you for this opportunity to glimpse the very happy life that Leonard made for himself.

         -- Mary Grover Brandel


My friend Lenny --- I met Lenny while stationed at Plattsburgh AFB, NY in the mid '80s. I took an immediate disliking to him. That was until I got to know him and realized that Lenny was one of the good guys. He had a way of getting under my skin, but the twinkle in his eye always let you know it was all in fun. I fished with Lenny, I drank with Lenny, I played softball with Lenny. Darlene and Lenny joined my wife and I on a bowling team. We rooted for the hapless Yankees together. We had a lot of fun. I never saw Lenny again after he left Plattsburgh, but he was one of those guys you often think about. Be good up in heaven Lenny, I'm sure the pike are biting all the time up there.

         -- Jeff Ciaruffoli


I first met Lenny and Darlene when I was stationed at Plattsburgh Air Force Base. In a military career, you make hundreds of acquaintances. But only after you become separated, do you realize just how special, and how much of an impact certain people had on your life experiences. Lenny and Darlene are the best.

While sitting here typing, I seem to be coming back with memories that I thought I might have forgot. But knowing Lenny, he is probably looking down and making me remember the huge Pike he caught while ice fishing on that frozen lake in the Adirondack mountains in up-state NY. I can still remember playing tackle nerf-football in 10 below zero weather on that lake. I can also remember fishing off the pier at Plattsburgh. Not really caring what we caught, but just having a few beers and enjoying life.

I can't remember Lenny playing much golf at Plattsburgh, but I do know I gave him a heck of a deal on the Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear golf clubs he took to Florida. While those clubs gave me nothing but a nasty slice, whenever I called Florida, Lenny always let me know how low his handicap was and he asked if I had any more golf clubs to sell.

I also remember that laugh and grin Lenny had those many years back, and I am truly glad to say we were friends.

         -- Pat Gainer

Leonard's website

Dear Suzi and Lawrence,

what a very thoughtful tribute to Leonard, thank you!

God bless, Darlene and the entire Bradt family! Leonard was a very special guy!

My family, the Culvers, moved to Niskayuna when I was six months old. My very earliest memories are ones of Leonard coming over to play with my brother Bruce. He was always on the go - always on a mission. He often made me laugh with his outrageous sense of humor. Leonard was alot of fun to be with and around.

Throughout my childhood, and adolesence, he was just like a brother to me. I can remember on several occasions when his serious and caring side would come forth. Explaining to me why I should or should not have done something, all of the possible or probable consequences involved, but at the same time not to be too hard on myself because after all we're only human - that sort of thing.

I was blessed to have had Leonard as a friend. He is greatly missed but will always be in my heart!

         -- Andy Culver


First a thank you to all who made this page available.
Second to all of you who have shared those precious memories of the Len that we all love.( I can't say loved because the cover can never be closed on that book.)

I am Ron Culver and I am the father of Bruce and Andy Culver mentioned in other notes. I am also the guy who listened to probably the first time Lenny played a guitar. I even have a tape somewhere of Bruce, Len and Len's brother Marshall making some of the most outrageous sounds ever heard in a living room in Niskayuna, NY or perhaps anywhere. I also watched and hauled the Snuzebuster's around after their Niskayuna HS debut. Afterwards my sister ( now also sadly deceased) said .."well they all did well but it's Lenny that is the real showman." ...at a later time Len was visiting my sister along with my two sons and "somebody did something" and my sister was ripping my guys a new one one. Lenny scratched his head and said " hey aren'tcha gonna yell at me too so that I will really feel like I am part of this family." As usual it was the perfect thing to say and before long we were all laughing.

And for me Lenny was always family.As time has gone by I have always felt that my son's had another brother and I another son. We have kept in touch and just a little while before the tragic day we were flying World War 2 airplanes on the internet and Lenny was telling me "Well time to stop Darlene has just fixed me a nice dinner." I never guessed as any of us could have that ..that would be it. I know it is true but he is here in my heart and obviously in all of your's too.

I would write more but tears are blurring my eyes. God Bless ya Lenny and all who love you.

         -- Ron Culver

Goodbye Lenny

I first met Lenny early one cold morning wearing a nylon nightgown. I had locked myself out of the house (across the street), and he was gentleman enough to act as though I had on jeans and a sweatshirt as I made my call to the locksmith. Lenny (and you, Darlene) were good neigbors for the next 11 years, at which point Dottie and I moved to Oregon. I will miss the friendly conversations in the yard as we worked on our lawns or walked the dogs. I always thought we would see Lenny again when we came back to visit, and his absence leaves a hole that will be hard to fill.

Goodbye Lenny...maybe we will see you again in another life :)

         -- Molly Perry

we will miss you more than you knew

Uncle Lenny--

I really don't know what to say, but I want to say something...you were always so quiet, I learned more about you from your death than when you were alive and for that I learned something...take time to really get to know people because they are what matters and are only here for a short time ... so many people have so much to say about you and so many memories, you are probably looking down in awe...didn't know you meant so much to so many... I just kept thinking when franky got older you could get close, I know he was to much for you to deal with now....he's alot for anyone....that didn't happen, and wont. i thought we would have alot more holidays. we wont. you were loved although, i didn't say it... you were admired for being such a hard worker and good provider, although i never told you.... you were thought of more than you know and in our prayers often. you left to soon but, i know it was not you choice, God knew your time and he has the last word.

you will always be loved
missed more than you realize
and remembered in photos ( the ones you let me take)

i hope to see you one day

your niece Holly

p.s. I want to thank everyone who has done something for my Aunt Darlene--for the hugs, the flowers, the cooking, the food, the cards, the phone calls, the money, the kind words and so much more...you all have ment so much and have helped through such a hard time, i know she is more thankful than she can express for all the kindness, and so am I. God bless you all.

A Big Thanks from Darlene

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and every one of you.

This has been very hard for me, but your kindness, thoughtfulness, caring and prayers have helped me to get through this.

With the help of God, family, and good friends, I will get through this somehow.

And I will never forget the kindness you all have showed me.

I appreciate all you have done.

A big hug to all,

         -- Darlene

He was known as Leonard when I, my family, and friends knew him as a young teen in Niskayuna, NY. I was certainly not one of the cool kids but Leonard was. He hung out in the smoking area, the boys bathroom, and over the hill. He didn't seem to go to class much. He was often seen walking down the hall with Mr. Coleman, the dean, having what seemed to be friendly chats. Invariably, he had a guitar strapped to his back. He seemed to be a person unto himself, half kid, half adult. I was in total awe of him.

He dated my sister, Mary, but eventually he just melded into our definately uncool group with no problem. I remember the time his band the Snoozebusters rocked Niskayuna HS, the likes of which had never been seen before. I remember long walks and long chats on frigid winter nights. And, I remember the time when Leonard miraculously got Mary out of detention with his uncanny power of persuasion.

Every so often in the last several years, he would make a point of calling our home to ask about the family. We got back in touch last year about the time of our 20 year HS reunion. He emailed me after 9/11 to make sure everyone in my family was okay.

I guess for me that was the essence of who Leonard was - a person who valued friendships and people although he didn't always show it outwardly. I thought he'd be around forever but I'm glad we had the time we did and I'm thrilled that he seemed to have made such a wonderful life with Darlene, his job, and his interests. Rest in peace, Leonard, my friend. I was glad to know you...

         -- Carolyn Grover Adams

My deepest condolences to Leonard's family and friends - I knew Leonard growing up in upstate NY in my early teens, where my friend Andy Culver lived near the Bradts. Leonard was older by 4 years, and clearly had superior athletic ability - he was the first person I ever saw throw a knuckleball close up, and I was reluctant to play catcher when he threw his fastball! Andy always bragged that if he wanted to, "Leonard could be one of the top "jocks" at Niskayuna High School, but chose instead to be a cool guitar player".

My father was not as impressed when that "cool guitar player" began to date my sister Mary!

However, it was not difficult to see the good, the humor and the strong convictions in Leonard, and even though he left NY at a young age to find himself, he called our house around Christmas time for years afterwards, speaking at length to Mary, Carolyn, Dad, or whoever answered the phone. He was always a family friend. My parents looked up Leonard in Florida a few years ago, and had a great visit with him. Even though I never knew him all that well, the wonderful notes I've seen here made me want to share a view I had of Leonard as a teenager. He helped turn me on to "good music"! I would have really enjoyed a round of golf with the "Florida Lenny" he had become. It sounds as if he would certainly have made the time for me.

         -- Anson Grover

Hey Lenny

Happy New Year! This cold one's for you!

         -- Don and Deb

Good Bye old friend...

My name is Chip Plummer,

Leonard and I were great friends,fellow composers, bandmates, brothers. He and I and the Bruce Culver were part of a group of guys who played rock and roll together in high school. We spent many hours playing music together, writing songs, partying, and having the time of our lives. Some of the best years of my life were during the time I knew him. I'm very sorry I wasn't able to attend his services, or even meet his family. I'm also very sorry I didn't keep in touch with him more over the years. The last time we spoke was on the phone when he was in Las Cruces, in the Air Force. Mid 1980's I believe. Anyhow, I wish to extend my deepest condolences to his family and hope that fond memories will live on on their hearts like they will in mine. Rest in peace old friend. God's speed.


         -- Chip Plummer

Good Bye To A Friend

Lenny -

In the year that I knew you as a fellow union local board member, I was impressed with you calm, easy going manner.

It was a pleasure and privilege to serve with you on the board. You will be missed very much.

         -- Robert O'Connor, Secretary/Treasurer
            International Association of Machinists
            Local Lodge 1163, Cape Canaveral, Florida


I have learned more about Lenny reading all these messages.... than I did in the years we worked together. Lenny kept pretty much to himself....but always managed to add a zinger to everyone else's conversations. Lenny was a kind man, although he didn't want many people to see that side of him. He was thoughtful toward me, but enjoyed teasing me too. Lenny and I grew up less than 1/2 hour from each other in upstate NY. We swapped stories and spoke of places we both knew during our younger years. I will remember Lenny for his sense of humor and his sly smirk. I will miss Lenny! My heart and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

         -- Suzi Prevatte

Lenny Photo and Video file

Mr. & Mrs. Prevatte,

I thought that I would send this along to you for the web page that you have so graciously put together as a tribute to my Uncle Lenny. I have attached two files. One is a picture file of Uncle Lenny with his guitar in the living room at home, the second is a video file of him singing and playing his guitar. I hope that you will be able to use them on the page.

Thank you again for all your help to my Aunt Darlene and for being so thoughtful in putting this page together.

Lenny's Nephew,

         -- Vicar Lawrence Bradt

Here's the picture:

Lenny Playing Guitar


Here's the movie, available as an avi file and as an mpg file:

Lenny.avi (3MB)

Lenny.mpg (11MB)

These files are very large, so they may take a long time to download or play over a modem.

To download (save it to your local hard disk drive):
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messages to Lenny

I want to thank all of you who have written messages to and about Lenny for posting on this web page. I especially appreciate the efforts of the Prevattes for setting up this page and posting the messages. Reading them I'm struck by the quality of his friendships, and the degree of respect he inspired in his coworkers. I'm very happy for him because of that. As the youngest (and shortest) of eight children, Lenny always seemed to get the short end of the stick. - never got the attention he deserved. I know he always felt that way. But clearly, from what people have said about him, once out of the shadow of older siblings, he was able to give the gifts he had inside him and to be appreciated by others for them.

I loved Lenny because he was my brother. I liked him, too when I got the chance to spend time with him, which wasn't often. I'm glad for him that he had friends who would say such nice things about him - and mean it. I'm proud of him. Yet I'm sad as well, because I don't think he ever fully realized what a good person he was. If he had had more time, maybe he would have. Again, it looks like he got the short end of the stick. On the other hand, he did seem to make better use of the abreviated time he had than some of us have with a more generous portion.

Thank you for being his good friends. I hope to meet some of you on Saturday.

         -- Stormy Bradt

Hey Lenny

Although I never had the pleasure of being one of Lenny's co-workers, I did have the pleasure of being one of his friends. Many years ago he started showing up at my front door, due to Don and him working together, and before I knew it Lenny became a big part of my familys life. Don,our son Jason, his buddy and Lenny were quite a team. I used to say the only difference between Don and Len and J and his friends were that they had the drivers licenses! Lenny and his wife were our close friends and we spent alot of time together.

On behalf of Don, our son Jason and myself, we send on condolences to Lennys family and his Boeing family.

Lenny Bradt we will miss you and I know he will miss all of us.

         -- Deb Barker

See you later Lenny

Lenny was one of the first people I got to know when I started at Boeing. He helped me out many times, answering my stupid questions and such. He was a true friend and a fine man. I am truly going to miss sitting out at the picnic tables "shooting the bull" with this New Yorker. May God bless your family in this time of great loss. My prayers and thoughts go with you.

Proud to have been his friend and co-worker

         -- John Hoefer

My Friend

I've lost one of the best friends I've ever had in my life. I'll miss you, Lenny.

         -- Mark Valinote

Good bye Lenny...

My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Lenny Bradt. He was a fine man with a great sense of humor, a sly smile, and a warm heart. He will truly be missed.

         -- Dana Romero

A Real Loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        When I received the phone call of our great loss, I just sat in my chair numb and asked the question of why does God have to bring Lenny home so early. As the days pass and we go through this sorrow I thank God for giving me the opportunity for knowing Lenny.

        You always knew something was up when you heard the words "Do you have a minute." Lenny was always thinking of his friends and co workers first. At times he carried a lot of issues inside of him but that never seemed to upset him.

        Lenny was a man who always had time for anyone or anything. You always knew he was up to something when you would get that grin.

        For those who never had the opportunity to know or associate themselves with Lenny, they will have a void in their lives. Yes, we have a tremendous loss, but not as much as the others who never knew him.

        My hearts goes out to all my friends back in Florida and to Lenny's family. I am still in shock and can't put the right words together here like I would like to do.

        The only thing that is getting me through, is the fact that I knew Lenny as a co worker but most of all as a friend.

        Lenny you will most definitely be missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         -- Tim Ferris

He will be missed


With his sense of humor and his quick smile, he was a pleasure to work with. His passing has left a big void in our workplace. After his passing someone told me he could really belt out a tune. Now I know why he gave me that funny look when I sang a little Sinatra on a job onetime........ but he didn't blurt out, "Hey you sound like @$#%!",he just smiled and gave that funny look. That was Lenny. I will miss him.

         -- Jonathan Freier



        I was totally shocked to hear of Lenny's untimely passing, he will be missed greatly by everyone out there and myself. I worked many jobs with Lenny and those were some of the best. I had the fortunate opportunity to spend time with Lenny on the golf course and you couldn't ask for a better playing partner. I would like to express my deepest sympathies to Lenny's wife and family during this difficult time. I miss all of you during this Holiday time and who knows, maybe our paths will cross again.


         -- Dan Fiers


        I always knew I was in trouble when I got to work and Lenny was waiting at my door. It had become our standard procedure for many years. Lenny, the get to work early type, would be ready to go and I would be stumbling in at 0715 with half a cup of coffee in me. I would nod and Lenny would always say the same thing - " you got a minute." I always did, although I really didn't. I honestly believe he must have been tapping into my computer schedule because he always seem to show up on the worst days. Earlier this year, after countless such visits early in the morning, I asked Lenny if maybe just once he could stop by when we did not have a union issue to work on. He sat there with his jacket on, hat pulled down, a cup of water in his hand and a smile on his face and ask what good that would do. I looked at him and we both broke-up laughing. Yeah, early morning was a good time to solve "our" problems.

        So it was a surprise to me about 2 months ago when I was sitting in my office on a Monday at 0730. I had not seen Lenny in a "Union" capacity in a few weeks. Things were running smooth. As I am working on my coffee, Lenny's head pops through the door - "got a minute." I didn't. In fact I was suppose to be in a meeting in 5 minutes. But, for some reason, I could NEVER tell Lenny no. I told him to sit down with the stern warning that I had just a few minutes. He kind of chuckled, took a drink of water, and told me it wouldn't take long. I swung back from the computer and faced what I though would be the first crisis of the day. Lenny squints at me from under his cap and says " what did you catch this weekend." He had me and he knew it. We both cracked up. Over the next hour we sat and talked about my latest fishing trip. We also talked about our families, baseball, golf, and our earlier days in the Spacelab program. The conversation just flowed and it felt good. As he was getting ready to leave he asked me about the meeting I had missed. "Was it important" he asked. I told him that it was, but I was sure they space program would survive. He laughed and said he would write a union pass for me if it would help explain my absence. I told I would take a rain check, but to keep one with my name on it.

        It is tough for me to reflect back on the brief time I had with Lenny on that early morning. In retrospect perhaps it was closure to all of the years we had played softball, golfed, fished, drank beer, and worked together. On that day in my office we really seemed to be connecting and we both knew it.

        My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends He was truly a good man, a good employee, and a good friend. I will miss him... .

         -- Jim Burnett

Message for Lenny Bradt


I first met Lenny at Savannah's Golf Club here on Merritt Island in early 1996. I was fortunate to be included in a foursome in which Lenny was playing. From that first time on the golf course, I was amazed at how he hit the ball for a little guy, and how hard he strove to improve his game. That was one of the many times I played and thoroughly enjoyed playing golf with Lenny. A wee man with a big heart !!

At that time, and up to February of 1998, I was working as a project engineer with a company in Palm Bay. The company was owned by Singapore Technologies, and as the Asian economic crisis deepened, I, along with most of the other 40 people who worked there, was laid off. Anyway, Lenny got to hear of my demise and offered to walk my resume and drop it off at managers desks around the KSC PGOC program. I went home, printed out around a dozen copies of my life's history and handed them to Lenny the next week-end at the golf club. Meantime, I had signed up for contract work in Houston, and drove over the following week. In late April, 1998, my wife Sharon who stayed in Merritt Island whilst I was in Houston, excitedly told me that I had a letter from McDonell-Douglas saying I had an interview with a PGOC manager the following Monday. I flew back for the interview and subsequently got a Program Integration Engineers job in M7-505 Depot, where I've been ever since.

Lenny would always tease me by saying "Are you mad with me for getting you a job here at KSC ? " I would invariably reply that I was grateful that I was back with my wife and that we didn't have to move house. (Before I was married in 1993 to Sharon, I "moved house" one heck of a lot all over the World). Well, if you can hear me Lenny, which I'm sure you can, just know that I'm forever grateful that you had a great big heart to do what you did for me and walk my resume through KSC. Oh, and thanks for putting up with my not so good at times golf on the course. Also, all those that knew you from cleaners, technicians, engineers, and managers will surely miss your unique brand of caring and sharing.

May your soul rest in a just peace for ever.

Much Love From

         -- Peter Burridge & Sharon Earl Burridge

Our Friend Lenny

This has truely been a shock to those of us that knew Lenny. On behalf of us from the Cable Fab Shop at building M7-505, we send our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Lenny. He will be missed by us that has had the pleasure of Lenny being a part of our co-working family. My time with Lenny was brief in comparison to others , but he always struck me as being a true gentleman and one that always took time to chat and be personable. May God Bless and give you the strength through this most difficult time, especially during this Holiday Season.

         -- Mike Jandreau

Lenny My Friend


Lenny Bradt was a special friend of mine at my second home - WORK

Lenny worked! I admired Lenny for his constant attention to detail in the early years of SpaceLab, beginning with the return to space. He had fire in him to do the job right, which I admired. Lenny was one to put his nose in the books and really know the paper for which the task was written.

Shortly after the bunch of us were hired in the Spring and Summer of 1990, we formed the "Mullets" softball team giving a joke to the name as we were new players brought together from all walks of life. I was amazed the first time I saw Lenny play. My thoughts were, "Wow now there's a ballplayer". Lenny was fun.

Lenny was quick with the dig to a fellow tech and we all learned that thick skin is a good thing to have out here at PGOC KSC.

He told me he ran away from home at the age of 15 to join the circus. I sat for a while to listen to his stories of the early hard life he chose. He told me one time an Elephant was about to attack a trainer. Lenny said he ran out, risking his life with just a pitchfork in his hand to distract the Elephant's attention. That Elephant then came for Lenny but he was able to save himself by jumping in the dumpster of dung, banging the huge head against the dumpster to get Lenny. I knew he would do it for me too.

Lenny was a small man with a huge heart. As time went on we all picked up the golf clubs, me for the first time. Just as I could depend on Lenny to know the work area rules, Union guidelines, Lenny would know the rules of golf. My new found group of friends in Florida would spend the next few years golfing each weekend and during the league after work. Many times Lenny would call me just to get out and hit a few on Sunday.

Lenny was tough! I would try to sway Lenny's decision on Union issues or anything at all. He listened to my thoughts but was very firm on his beliefs.

Lenny...... well we all know Lenny was - - - -LENNY.

We all loved Lenny. He had a smile for you if you had one for him. He had a NY Yankees hat on his head, a cigarette in his mouth and a big glass of water in his hand.

Lenny was a champion for the Union cause.

Lenny was a veteran. I am very proud the have known Lenny Bradt.

I will miss Lenny tremendously.

My heart hurts so much for the loss of my friend. Lenny Bradt.

Good bye Lenny

See you when I get there.


         -- Evan Peck

The Prevatte and Fick families extend their most heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and coworkers of Lenny Bradt.

         -- Suzi and Lawrence Prevatte

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