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Andrew Dresser Messages

This site has been set up by the family to bring you information on Andrew Dresser. As official information and messages from family, friends, and coworkers are received, they will be posted here, so keep checking back. We will update these pages as information and messages are received.

To contact us with messages, send E-mail to AndrewDresser@prevatte.com. Bear in mind that if you send a message that sounds like something you'd want to share with others, we will post it on this page, so if you'd rather it remain private please indicate so in the message, as well as for whom the message is intended.

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Greetings- I was so sad to hear of Andy's passing. Since I moved to Great Britain last year, I'd only been able to visit him once in June. Tired and pale as he was, he still was his keen, cantankerous self. I shall miss him most dearly. My partner and I plan to return to NY for 2 weeks in late fall. I was wondering if Andy had a burial service or was cremated. If he was interred, was it in Prattsville. I would like to pay belated respect. Could you forward me any info on this, and convey my sympathy to the folks of Prattsville, especially the wonderful people at the Reformed Dutch Church. Also my deepest sympathy to his sisters, niece and nephew.

         -- Sincerely,
Julie Rasmussen
Tan Y Bryn
LL55 4SB

So long Andy D.

I loved Andy Dresser.
If he was here now and I said that he would make a funny face and say something like(does your husband know that?)
He was my son Keith's art teacher and through Keith I got to know that lovable man.
He had an irreverent sense of humor and he and I would often sit in my kitchen thinking up irreverents.!!
I used to bum cigarettes from Andy whenever he came to visit-that was a very long time ago and I wish that Andy never had those darn cigarettes to bum.
He loved all my animals -- the cat and our big lovable St. Bernard Bernie.
The last time I saw Andy was at least 2 months ago----he appeared at my front door and when I opened the door I did not recognize him ( I kidded him then by saying "When did you change your hairstyle?")
He felt he had that dammed cancer licked-----well, maybe that is what he wanted me to hear.
My big drooly, hairy St. Bernard was all over Andy-and Andy just loved him.
I will always think of that dear, precious man and every time I do I know that a smile will creep over my face.
Loved you Andy D.

         -- Sybil Tannenbaum

He often spoke of his family and I know you will miss him.

Andy & The Scarecrow

It's two weeks since Andy's passing and I still have the need to visit this page. I'm reminded of Andy almost every day. For instance, while looking through my bookcase today I found a copy of Virginia Woolf's "Night & Day," which Andy and I had shared together. Two things that I remember about Andy are that he loved Virginia Woolf's writing and Gertrude Stein's life. Stein's life was, for him, the ultimate literary soap opera.

Andy shared several things in common with Woolf and Stein. He was clever, witty, and an artist. Throughout his life he worked on and completed many paintings and drawings and several manuscripts. His novel about a lost manuscript (or was it a diary?) of Gertrude Stein's that is found behind the wall boards of Stein's Paris apartment is priceless! Another manuscript of his chronicles "The Hermit," whom I think was Andy himself. These manuscripts are as yet unpublished, but not for lack of worth. Andy was a talented man; he was also a modest one. I'd like to know more about Andy, the artist, something he kept very much to himself when he was with us.

Andy was a great storyteller. He told me many stories about Prattsville. For instance, he told me of an antique dealer in Town--I think his name was George--who had set up more of a curio shop than a fine antique store in a large building that had once stood between the Fire House and the Prattsville Tavern. One day, George was approached by a local farmer who wanted something to scare the crows away from his crop. George scratched his head and thought a while. Finally, he went into the back of his store, rummaged around for a while, found what he was looking for and with a hearty umph lifted it up and carried it in both arms to the register. "Will this do?" George asked the farmer. The Farmer looked long and hard at the plaster bust of what he surmised was an awfully familiar looking fellow. Although he couldn't quite remember where he had seen that face before, the Farmer thought the frightful image would suit his purpose just fine. "I'll take it," he said. After that, George never tired of telling the story of how he sold the bust of Zadock Pratt for use as a local scarecrow!

Andy finished the story, his eyes twinkling (they really did) but his face as serious as a school marm. "Don't you believe me?" he asked, incredulously. To this day, I'm not sure whether I should believe him or not.

I still miss you, Andy. We all do.

         -- Carolyn


I learned from Andy. He was the greatest friend one could have. Everthing he taught will be remembered just because I looked up to him so much. I respected him immensly and loved him as much as one friend could another. It is partly the urge to impress him that got me where I am today. Andy, I thank you for everything. I just wish that I could have had you here for 20 more years. I'll miss you forever.

         -- David Cernikovsky, Prattsville, NY


I was a friend of Andy's, I used to call him Uncle Andy all the time for all his wisdom. I'm broken up, he was a unique wonderful man. I only just found out today, and am so sorry and pass my condolences on to your family.

         -- Julie A. Johnson, Niverville, NY 12130

You Are Missed

I'll miss your smile, your sense of humor and that sparkle in your eyes. Anyone who knew you knows what I mean when I call you a "quiet hero". You are the only person I know that could take a troubled child under his wing and help give him a purpose in life thru education or friendship.You never talked down to him. You are a mentor to many and changed this world for the better with all the work you did to help the community. You never took any credit in this lifetime but now my friend you will know how much you are appreciated. You're work is done here. You are and will be missed. Rest my friend.

         -- Love and miss you, Sally Hildenbrand

Andy Dresser changed children's lives in a most profound and visceral manner by empowering their confidence, minds and hearts. In a world where many hold kids in contempt, merely as beings that need to be endured until they are grown enough to be tolerable, Andy sought to release spirits. Teaching by example, his Quaker quiet nature, centered kids waiting to react to any indignity of the day and taught them to hear their own voices. Choosing to teach, choosing to live in Prattsville, choosing to live a life so unpretentious, recognizing the value of every person he encountered, collecting the wisdom of people. Andy's legacy is the magnificent lifelong tapestry he wove with the threads of all the lives he touched. I will miss him, my special friend but carry with me his special dry humor, naughtiness and unconditional love, always.

         -- Cindi Begamini Ingalls

Our sympathy to the family of Andy Dresser

Andy was such a familiar face in Prattsville and that's why we were so pleasantly surprised to see him and friends in the diner in Cobleskill one Sunday this past year. We hadn't seen him since he became ill since we had moved to Fultonham. Kathy and Bob and I talked to him that Sunday and wished him well and true to form his concern was for Kathy and what he could do to make HER life better. May God bless you and keep you, Andy.

         -- Bob, Virginia and Kathy Hull

Message, Andrew Dresser's friends & family

Andy you were many things to so many people, so that we cannot even begin to count.

You were the modern "renaisance man," able to span the centuries bringing us face to face the old and the new, and reminding us, as it were that their were people and ideas, even before we walked this earth. We all needed that humbling thought. In all you did you championed education and life-time learning. This will be your enduring legacy.

The impact that you had on your home town of Prattsville, the Reformed Church, Pratt Museum, Headstart, the Catskill Public School and Gilboa-Conesville systems, and countless other worthy agencies and groups will probably never be known. You were the remarkable combination of human idealism, matched with the practical skill of making things work, as no one else seemed to be able to do.

More importantly, though, was the quiet influence and help you gave to many of us, and your unspoken lessons of what being truly humane is all about.

It was my pleasure, and joy, to have served with you as one of the many Prattsville Town Judges. We had many a worrisome night with the NY State Dept. of Audit and Control, and also many good laughs about it all.

Rest, good friend, for you have left a hole in our lives, which will not soon be filled.

         -- Gerry Sutch, Prattsville 1971-1990

I was saddened to learn of Andy's passing. I worked with him for several years at Catskill. He was a joy to be around - I will not only remember his great sense of humor, but also his insights into the world around us and his passion for the things he loved. We have lost a great one. My condolences to the family.

         -- (unsigned)

Photos of Andy

Here is a photo of Andy to help us remember.

Picture of Andy #1

-- Carolyn

Andy's Memorial Service

For those of you who weren't able to attend Andy's memorial service at the Reformed Dutch Church in Prattsville this Saturday, it was dignified, funny, moving, gentle, emotional, witty and unique: the embodiment of Andy himself. The exit song, which I understand Andy chose himself, was "My Way"--even after his passing he chose to communicate with us to let us know that Life has been worth the effort. Thank you, Andy, for that comforting thought.

Anyone who has an "Andy" story to tell and would like to share it with others, please send it to the bulletin board at www.prattmuseum.com and we'll post it as a memorial to Andy.

         -- Sincerely, Carolyn

[Webmaster Note:  Actually, Uncle Andy did not leave instructions as to what exit song to play. His sisters, Sue and Mary Jo, and his niece, Suzi, who have been putting Uncle Andy's affairs in order and who arranged his memorial service chose the song for the exit. They felt it best described how Uncle Andy always did things -- in his own, unique way. He did, however, leave specific instructions that his passing be remembered in the type of memorial service for his family and friends that his sisters and niece faithfully planned and carried out.]

[Webmaster Note:  We hope you'll also continue to send Email messages containing your stories to this page so that Uncle Andy's family and friends who view this site can share in your experiences with our beloved uncle.]

Uncle Andrew, or better known to me as Father Andy... He was always there for me. Through my hard times and good times. I will miss his guidance and his wisdom. He held a special place in my heart, and my daughter's. We will miss you.

Love you always and forever.

         -- Becky and Michaela Murray

I was saddened to hear of Andrew’s passing this week. The lessons I learned from his classroom reach far beyond paint brushes and pencil shadings. A sense of fair play and live and let live were instilled in a young mind many years ago, and are values I hope to instill in my children today. He was a true teacher. So long Mr. Dresser – see you in my dreams.

         -- Mary Gallagher Capra

Andrew Dresser's e-memorial

"Mr. Dresser" was probably the first adult I ever knew who was at once hip, cool -- indeed on the fringe -- and all the while sensitive and caring. Genuine style with human values, something we should all aspire to. He gave so much to so many teenagers by providing them with a touch of perspective beyond the everyday sunlight. Regretfully, I saw little of Andrew since graduating CHS, but the news of his passing has me staring out the window long and deep this morning... appreciating and savoring his wonderful energy.

         -- Jack Vincent

Uncle Andy we will miss you but you will be in our thoughts every day. Tyler said you were in the clouds looking down on us - I believe that - You were a great uncle and friend to a lot of people - we love you very much.

         -- Kathy, Chris and Tyler

I'll really miss him

Andy was a dear friend. I first met him at the Pratt Museum and we struck up a friendship immediately. He could always make me laugh. There was a serious side to him, too. That was the side that painted, drew, and wrote. I'll miss our long talks about the literature of Gertrude Stein and Emily Dickinson or our "gossiping" about Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsburg group, a subject about which Andy was a self-taught scholar. Most of all, I'll miss Andy's "mischief." He was always cooking up some gag to try out on his very best friends. Before she died, the great American poet Emily Dickinson asked that two simple words be placed on her marker: Gone Home. I know you've gone home, Andy, and if I know you, you're cooking up some prank to play on Zadock Pratt or Susie Grimm when the time comes that you bump into them. Save a place for me, dear friend. I'll miss you.

         -- Love, Carolyn

Andrew Dresser, a teacher I will never forget. He was a kind, loving person. I saw Andy several times within the last few years. He always asked, by name, about many of my classmates and how they were all doing. He showed interest in us 30 some years ago and never stopped caring about us all. Andy connected with most all of his students. He was not only our teacher, he was our friend. He may be gone, but he will be loved forever......

         -- H. Vincent

I'll miss him.

         -- Keith Tannenbaum


Andy was an incredible person. He will always be remembered in our hearts and minds. May he rest in peace.

         -- Michelle @ Community Action

Uncle Andy

I am so sorry to hear about "Uncle Andy", our beloved Mr. Dresser - I was his student at CHS, and benefitted greatly not only from his academic lessons, but life lessons as well. He had a wonderful sense of humor, and "foretold" many things for me. He will be missed. My condolences to his family.

         -- M.B. White Favicchio

Andy, Earl & Rosemary

A personal message to those who were fortunate enough to have known Andy Dresser. My memories of Andy will always accompany the image of the laughing faces of Earl P. Crandall and Rosemary Graham. This trio of fun-loving, warm, wonderful friends blessed me with bits and pieces of their adventures and always gave me a good laugh. They were so different from each other, yet so alike in their love of life. My condolences to Rosemary for I know her loss is great. God bless you Andy. And thank you for what you shared, taught and left in our hearts.

         -- Love, Nita


I cannot tell you how much Andy has meant and will continue to mean to me. He was a great mentor and tremendous friend. He never hesitated to help in anyway that he could and I will miss him more than I can say. I could not be more grateful for having been lucky enough to have him in my life. I have many great memories of times that we have shared together and I will cherish them forever.

Thank you, Andy for being such a wonderful man and true guiding light in my life! I will miss you dearly!

My sincere condolences go out to his sisters and their families, and to everyone who was honored with the joy of him in your life. He will be greatly missed every day.

         -- Sincerely, Kristin Tompkins

You will be missed

The Community Action Staff sends their deepest sympathy to the family. Andy will be missed by all. He was a wonderful human being that touched many hearts.

Uncle Andy

The Prevatte and Fick families extend their most heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and coworkers of Andrew Dresser -- our beloved Uncle Andy.

         -- Suzi and Lawrence Prevatte

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